About Evolution Mas


Our story

We are a group of friends that have grown to be called "Family". Our history runs rich. Each member has an abundance of experience which is used to ensure our masqueraders have a memorable road experience. From bringing a section for  years to deciding to bring a Mas Band for the 1st. time in 2009. The next level started on Eastern Parkway in New York for the West Indian American Labor Day Parade; We have gone through the many phases of Mas. We grew up as kids in the Mas Camp watching as our elders groomed us to continue embracing and promoting our Culture. The Caribbean culture. What does Mas mean to you? Well to us, Mas has many meanings: Happiness, Freedom, Colors, Expressing ones self, Culture, Love and Friendship. Each person has their own meaning. To some it up Mas is FUN. As we began to grow as a band, we all know that in growth comes change and there was our transformation from Q Plex to Evolution Mas. Our goal is to continue to promote the Caribbean / American Culture, as they say " All ah we is one Family". 


Evolution Mas